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VAIS Screen Capture is able to record anything that you see on your screen
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31 August 2015

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Imagine this: when you move the cursor, launch a new program, type some text, visit a few websites or watch some videos... anything that you see on your screen, VAIS Screen Capture will be able to record them so that you can play them back later. No matter for what reason you need desktop screencasts: to create a software bug report, a demo, a video tutorial for your clients, friends or parents, VAIS Screen Capture will entitle you to capture your screen in an easy and accurate way.
A unique feature of VAIS Screen Capture is the ability to capture the audio of whatever sources while recording the screen. That means you can record video and any audio synchronously. No more waiting for encoding and editing - as soon as you stop recording your video with sound is instantly available. Besides, you can just create your scheduled task with VAIS Screen Capture.
VAIS Screen Capture displays the maximum recording time available based on the size of the hard drive it is installed on. That means you can record hours of screen to show others how to use your software or website. With optional recording region modes, you can decide whether to record the full screen or any fixed region like active window, object, rectangular region of the screen by clicking some buttons.
With VAIS Screen Capture, you can record streaming video from webcams to share your experience, teaching, and study with relatives and friends no matter where they are. Many video sharing websites do not offer downloading options that watching high quality streamed videos often becomes a mess. Unless you have VAIS Screen Capture, which can record online streaming video without slowdowns.
To play the recorded video in high quality, VAIS Screen Capture provides advanced video & audio codecs. You specify the target video codecs, frame rate, bitrate as well as output video quality for a flawless and clear displaying on any device.

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